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To book an appointment, you have a few options. The easiest being a face to face consultation at the shop. Another option is to set a time and date through email at  And lastly, you can use the “Contact” section of my site to leave a message and a description of the tattoo you’d like to start. Please be prepared to give me a good idea of what you want, any pictures and descriptions will help me give you a better tattoo. I do require a deposit for appointmnets and can be easily made  paypal ( or person and range from 40-100 for larger pieces.

I do have a busy schedule, so please bare with me as I get to each new piece when I can. If you have a specific deadline, let me know, and we’ll do what we can to meet it. I am currently booking about 3-5 weeks out but can usually do smaller tattoos a bit sooner.


I work at a rate of $150 an hour in most cases. Large pieces require a deposit, wich will be included in the cost of the tattoo. The deposit is to ensure that you’re serious about the tattoo and that neither your’s nor my time is wasted, and the amount will be determined based on the scale of work. I’m not a stickler on time so don’t expect me to charge right to the minute. But, in the case that you dont show up for your appointment, and/or fail to call at a reasonalbe time before to reschedule, you forfeit your deposit.


After a tattoo session, the area will be wrapped to protect what is now to be considered an open wound. This wrap should be left on for the rest of the day. If the tattoo was finished later in the evening, the wrap should be left on through the night. Your tattoo should stay wrapped no less than 6 hours

Once you remove the wrap, wash your hands. With a mild hand soap and warm water, scrub well enough to remove dried on blood, pigment, or vaseline. After rinsing the area completely, run the coldest water you can handle over the freshly washed tattoo, this will force the pores closed and help keep your tattoo dry. Wash several times a day for the first 2 days.

Day 3, after washing, pat the surface of the skin dry with a clean paper towel and allow the skin to air dry for 10-15 minutes. Apply a VERY THIN coat of either a water based, scentless skin lotion, or another ointment you’ve had good results with before. Its always a good idea to ask me about the oinment. (No A&D - No Neosporin) Make sure to rub the lotion or ointment all the way in, leaving little to no residue.

Repeat this method 2-3 times a day for the length of the healing process.

Keep the tattoo out of direct sunlight, submerged water; pools, spas, ocean, etc, and any potentially harmfull situations for at least 3 weeks after your session.


If you have any questions about any of this information or anything related, feel free to get in contact with me via email , or the site.

Thanks very much everybody.

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